Thank you for checking out my blog! My name is Gintare and I’m an Armenian native Beauty and Fashion Blogger currently living in Los Angeles, California with my hubby KB!

I love blog posts! I think art is such a subjective thing. The way you choose to create it, the way you choose to interpret it… The way you wanna be – a super successful worldwide known artist or someone who does art for fun and for the sake of doing it. And I guess what is also wonderful that there is space for exploration for all these options! Keep going 🙂 And btw…. yes there is a difference between that Etsy work and the Gerhard Richter work 😀 the etsy one is for putting something beautiful in your livign room. The Gerhard one is something that makes you think about it with a wish to understand it. You would not hang it in your living room for a beauty of it but rather for an artistic expresion 🙂