I’ve been looking for a cleanser to use for my skin and this is it ! My t zone is oily and this really controls it ! Usually after I use cleansers i don’t put to much moisturizer because I’m afraid of my face getting oily but with this I can put on moisturizer and it really sinks in skin and doesn’t make my skin oily like at all !

This cleanser is soooo good. It’s VERY gentle, doesn’t dry me out, made the little bumps and texture on my cheeks disappear, and removes makeup very well.

Everyones skin is different so i can’t promise it will work for you but it worked for me and I’m so happy writing this and finally maybe being a success story. I will say this is not some miracle face wash that will clear your skin over night, over the weekend or even in a week or two. You seriously have to be patient. If your skin isn’t clear or hasn’t improved by the time the bottle runs out then maybe try something else but personally i bought a second bottle.

This face wash is a great gentle wash for people with acne and/or very dry skin. Does not leave you feeling tight after. Clinique please DO NOT change the formula.


US$19.00/200ml, US$31.00/400ml


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