I’ve always kind of been a fan of Cliniique. I picked this Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser up because it was on sale and I’m sure glad I did.

This makeup remover is amazing. The texture is rich and creamy, it is very gentle on my skin. I take a pea-sized amount into my palms with a little water and rub into a foamy later. I spend about 1 minute massaging it onto my face and it removes everything including heavy eye makeup.

Afterwards, I will follow-up with my regular face wash. My face is soft, supple, and never feels tight. When you recognize that this is just a makeup remover, not a face wash, you’ll love what this product does.

This cleanser manages to get every bit of my makeup off regardless of how longwearing, waterproof, unstoppable it was. However it does this without breaking out my face and without stripping my face of all of its moisture.

I absolutely love this product. A little goes a long way with this product! I ran out and bought a full size tube and can’t wait to continue using it! This is a must have if you wear makeup daily and have oily skin! This might be on the drying side for people with very dry skin. I recommend this cleanser to anyone with oily skin or combination.


US$22.50, 5 fl. oz. / 150ml


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