This is the first lip balm that I’ve actually fallen in LOVE with. Chubby Sticks are formulated with “comforting oils and butters to relieve dry lips and provide immediate and long-term moisturization”.

I have tried many tinted lip balms that always end in disappointment due mostly to them being drying, having poor texture, or poor odor. Clinique Chubby Stick is great, it’s incredibly smooth and moisturizing, and it’s great for everyday wear.

When my lips feel dry, I definitely don’t want to smear a lipstick on them, which I know will just make the dryness worse. Believe it or not, Chubby Sticks are actually a lip balm.

The oils will add moisture to dry lips while the wax adheres to keep the colour intact for hours. The product stays balmy, not sticky so it won’t trap your hair on a windy day. And most importantly, the vibrant, natural tint doesn’t require a mirror to apply. Since they don’t leave a stain, you can apply Chubby Sticks like a regular balm, or layer for a more intense look.

As others have mentioned, the color is on the lighter side. They also have to be reapplied every couple of hours, but this is no issue given how moisturizing they are and how easy they are to apply. Finally a quality tinted balm that is good enough to fully replace one’s chapstick!




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