Great product from Clinique! This is the best clarifying lotion I’ve ever used. It’s been really helpful with my acne and oil control. It purifies pores and it makes them look clean. I really recommend it. It’s worth every dollar that it costs.

It’s a really good toner and i love to use it in the morning when i don’t feel like totally washing my face and it makes my skin feel amazing. Clinique clarifying lotion formula that helps reveal fresher skin – sweeping away dulling flakes for skin that accepts moisture better.

This product really helps right after washing your face and before you put moisturizer on. It does clean up those “dead skin cells ” and makes the absorption of your moisturizer more effective

After using this lotion my skin texture improved a great deal. My skin now looks a lot clearer and more radiant than before. The price is quite expensive yet the bottle is fairly large so its not that bad.


US$17.50, 6.7 fl. oz./200 ml

US$28.50, 13.5 fl. oz./400 ml


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