Clinique describes their significantly different moisturizing jelly as “an incredibly lightweight jelly that provides 24-hour hydration repair and pollution protection.” They say the product can be used by all skin types.

This moisturizer will “lock in the good stuff — like moisture — and block the bad stuff — like pollution.” It will strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and improve elasticity.

It has a sticky but lightweight gel texture, and the remarkably different moisturizing jelly is made with a water and silicone base, infused with extracts of cucumber, algae, barley, sunflower seeds and rice along with some caffeine and hyaluronic acid.

Although it is jelly-like inside the bottle, the consistency is very watery and thin. The oil-free formula spreads smoothly and easily on the skin without pilling or tugging, and has a subtle cooling effect.

My skin also feels plumper after using it, probably due to the hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin so well. I have normal to dry skin type and I found this moisturizer to hydrate my skin very well,

Switching from my rich cream to this moisturizer didn’t make it any drier and it left my skin feeling so smooth and fresh.

I think it works great for most skin types. Maybe if you’re extra dry, you might prefer a moisturizing-based cream that leaves a moisturizing residue on the skin. But I can see that most people like this!

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