Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum is one of the more expensive face serums on the market from one of the most well-known skincare companies. This anti-aging serum claims to target skin issues ranging from fine lines and wrinkles, to uneven skin tone and texture. While the serum fails to deliver on all of the claims it makes, it does an excellent job when it comes to evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of sunspots and other complexion issues.

This face serum is water based, but it does have a silicone texture upon application. Unlike other serums, however, the silicone aspect of the product did not increase oil on my face, so this face serum is a great fit for all skin types, as advertised, and was easy for me to use both morning and night, as directed.

At the top end of the price range for face serums, the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum is really only worth the money if your main skincare complaint is discoloration and splotchy skin tone and texture. While it excels in this area, it is a flop in other areas, specifically reducing fine lines and wrinkles, or adding hydration and plumpness to the skin. So while this is a great fit for a certain audience, this is not the case for someone looking to undo damage and rewind the clock on their face.

This is the holy grail of skincare products. I use a dime size amount morning and night after cleansing my skin and I can honestly say I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s appearance. Great product and does what it says! I like to use it like a mask because I have oily skin and don’t want to leave it on overnight. I normally put it on a watch a movie which is about an hour and a half.

Now I remember why I used to buy this regularly. After not using it for a while, I bought a bottle and WOW. I could see a difference the very first day after I used it. My skin tone was clearer and more even. This makes my skin look younger and healthier.


US$62.00/1.0 oz, 30 ml – 4 week supply

US$90.00/1.7 oz, 50 ml – 6 week supply

US$157.00/3.4 oz, 100 ml – 12 week supply


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