This product feels absolutely heavenly going on! It’s like a silky cloud of moisture. Because it’s so enjoyable.

The cream comes in a very beautiful tub, reasonably sized and the cream is a white, non sticky and soluble type product. I could not pick up a distinct smell but found the product absorbs quite quickly and no residue is left on my skin.

I don’t know if it’s actually making a difference in preventing aging but I do know my skin has been looking better than it has in a long while. I use this day and night. Sunscreen breaks me out horribly so I just stick with this for the daytime. It works very well under my makeup. I wear a pretty full coverage/long-wearing foundation on most days and this doesn’t seem to interfere even though I can get a bit oily. I will likely keep purchasing this until something comes along that I feel like I should try.

However, the product speaks for itself and delivers exceptional results, with regualr use I am sure. I love the velvery texture it leaves on my skin and continues to moisturise throughout the night. My skin looks great the next morning.

This is expensive for me, so I really debated buying it, but I think the joy it brings to my skin care routine is worth it. I will continue to buy it.




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